Klozd Sirkut: An evolutionary sound derived from a pallet of funk, jazz, rock, soul and world beat influences, all incorporated through technology. The members of Klozd Sirkut utilize unique hybrid electro-instrumental setups, effects and pre-recorded loops. The live performance is  layered with a hard grooving, beat-driven framework creating Klozd Sirkut's undeniably signature sound and dynamic live electro performances. 

Trumpet player, Chris CD Littlefield performs regularly with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and has shared the stage with Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Phil Lesh, and a plethora of other exceptional voices including James Brown. Littlefield tweaks his horn effects to sound like everything from a synth bass, horn section and an alien vocalist. He calmly cues samples and loops while laying down keyboard parts and background vocals, or picks up his horns and makes you wonder how that sound is even possible. 

Papa Josh is a world champion 'looper',  guitarist and bass player. Papa Josh’s vocals sit up front in Klozd Sirkut and he programs beats, functioning as a hub for the loops. Papa Josh ties the band together, wrapping their rhythmic interplay tightly within the pocket of the digital pulse. 

Davee C the bands drummer, also known as “The Groove Merchant” is a
well-known NW funk, reggae and rock musician and a successful DJ in his own right. He is a member of Clinton Fearon’s Boogie Brown Band and Seattle’s Marmalade.

Joey Walbaum is a talented keyboardist whose innate musical intuition and soulful style provide rich texture to Klozd Sirkut’s sound. Joey brings dexterity, and a sweet soulful vocal that melts in your ears.
While each of these musicians are impressive in their own right, the collaboration that is Klozd Sirkut brings together a deep love of the groove, and an inspired refreshing take on funk and electronic dance music.