UP-Shot Presents

Re-Bar , 1114 Howell St, Seattle, Seattle, WA 98101

"Up-Shot Presents" returns with a rotating cast of musicians performing live Electronica, featuring members of Klozd Sirkut, Purr Gato & Marmalade

This month we feature : Chris 'C.D.' Littlefield [Klozd Sirkut & Karl Denson's Tiny Universe] Trumpet, Vocals & Keys

Chad "Red Light' [ Marmalade ] Drums & Samples

Joey Walbaum [Klozd Sirkut ] Keys & Vocals

Katrina Kope - [Purr Gato] Keys & Vocals

Masa Kobayashi [Clinton Fearon - Boogie Brown Band] Bass & FX

Jeff Tomlinson [JBT Event Production / Infected Visuals Crew] Visuals

Re-bar 1114 Howell St www.rebarseattle.com 21+ w/ID Free!